250-Hour Certification

Foundations in Herbal Medicine

2023 Foundations of Herbal Medicine Program

The 250 Hour Foundations of Herbal Medicine Program is a 5 1/2 month immersion designed to teach the foundational principles of herbal medicine, medicine making, botany, and ethical wildcrafting. With nature as our guide, we will navigate our way through the year using seasonal foods to keep us healthy, and herbal remedies to treat common ailments. Though the program focuses on local herbs, it also incorporates Western, Southwestern, Ayurvedic, and Chinese Five Element approaches to health and herbal medicine. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a Certificate in the Foundations of Herbal Medicine.

Four Areas Of Foundation Medicine

Materia Medica

Covers 30 medicinal plants in depth, with a focus on Southwestern wild and regionally-appropriate garden herbs. Each week focuses on building a relationship with a particular herb. Along with learning through personal experience, this course will cover the plant’s native origin, habitat, growing requirements, medicinal actions, harvesting and processing tips, traditional uses, therapeutic preparations, and contraindications.

Herbal Botany

Develops plant identification skills through the study of plant families, botanical anatomy and vocabulary, and observation skills. From the field, we study local plants in their wild habitats, gain familiarity with the diverse Southwestern ecosystems, and learn how to ethically harvest plants from the wild. In the lab, we learn how to key out unknown plants using a field guide and get up close and personal under the microscope. This course will cover when, how, and why to harvest different plant parts, and how to process and store them for future use.

Herbal Pharmacy/Medicine Making

covers all the medicine making methods you need to successfully build your herbal medicine chest at home. This hands-on course includes how to make tinctures, vinegars, flower essences, salves, creams, infused oils, herbal honey, lozenges, liniments, syrups, infusions, decoctions, compresses, poultices, first aid applications, and more.

Herbal Therapeutics​

covers the common imbalances and ailments of the major body systems and the herbs that are used to support them. This course teaches the importance and application of herbal actions and energetics. There are also four clinical roundtables which bring theory into practice.

Foundation of Herbal Medicine

Other areas of Study

Field Trips

we spend time in the field camping and studying local flora in 3 distinct ecozones of the Southwest U.S. Time is given for documenting and processing plant medicine when appropriate. Often our most popular events as many students enjoy knowing the outdoors more intimately. We cook, sleep, and study in a supportive group setting of astounding beauty.

Multicultural Studies

Santa Fe is the center of cultural diversity in the Southwest and in the United States. Much of what we learn includes the traditions and cultural practices of Native American, Spanish, Mexican, Oriental, Ayurvedic, and blended cultures that make it unique to medicinal plant knowledge.

Certificate in Foundations of Herbal Medicine

diploma, ribbon, certificate-303427.jpg

Upon successful completion of this program, students receive a Certificate in the Foundations of Herbal Medicine. Many graduates of herbal certificate programs go on to use their skills with their families, communities, businesses, and healing arts practices. In the United States, there is no license that covers the practice of herbal medicine. In New Mexico, the practice of herbalism is covered under the Unlicensed Health Care Practice Act ( With the high demand for Community Health Workers and folk herbalists many of our graduates are immediately involved in improving their own health as well as their communities.

If you would like to work toward becoming certified by the American Herbalist Guild, our modules serve as a perfect foundation to work toward this goal. Learn more about their suggested education guidelines at their website:

Program Dates

The program runs from April 12 to October 22, 2022. 

A mid-term break runs from June 29 to July 9th

Classes are Tuesdays from 6.00-7:30 pm

Every other Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm; 

Pre-scheduled Thursdays for Clinical Roundtable

3 outdoor field trips of 3 days length each.  

The calendar and dates are given to interested applicants.

Application and Deposit

Tuition for Foundations of Herbal Medicine for 2022 Program: 

Tuition: $3,395 + Tax(when applicable
Capacity: 12 Students

Tomas Enos, Director 

Milagro Herbs  

(505) 820-6321   

[email protected]          

Steps for Enrollment

Step 1 -Submit the initial application with a $250 non-refundable deposit. 

Step 2 -Once you are accepted, you will receive an acceptance package of information regarding dates, books needed, and class requirements

Step 3 -Your first payment is due 30 days after we mail your acceptance letter. If you are paying in full, it is due then by using cash, check, or credit card (credit card- add 3%).

Step 4 -If you are signing up for the ½ down and ½ by payment plan, your ½ down is due and you will sign a contract for the remaining amount in 4 payments after school begins. Payment plan students must pay by one of 2 methods: by post-dated check in advance or by credit card (with an additional 3% fee). Checks are made out to: Milagro School of Herbal Medicine

Step 5 -All administrative issues and payments are made directly with Tomas Enos of Milagro School of Herbal Medicine.

Step 6 -Any applications received and accepted after April 1, 2022 have an immediate payment due date upon application.

Refund Policy -There are no refunds issued for payment at any time.

Applications and deposits may be submitted via mail send to:

Milagro School of Herbal Medicine
1500 5th St. #6 
Santa Fe, NM  87505
(505) 820-6321